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Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are used primarily to give tiles room to expand to avoid cracks from occurring. Our selection of joints will effectively relieve the pressure on tile joints and help retain the structural design of your floorings. Our list includes expansions joints made from high quality materials such as aluminum, brass, stainless steels and UPVC.

Using expansion joints is an important technique in modern day tile setting. It helps lessen cracks and fractures due to the expansion and contraction of tiles from temperature fluctuations, earthquakes and stress. Our expansion joints are effective in absorbing pressures that can easily damage tile floors without these kind of joints.

Expansion joints can also help tiles remain in place as the concrete shrink due to moisture loss. Without these joints, tiles would normally tent up in various places making flat tile surfaces uneven. Expansion joints prevent this from happening by allowing the tiles to stay firmly locked together allowing the concrete to shrink in size without dragging the tiles apart.

Expansion or movement joints can also help tiles settings to remain intact during changes in weather and season. Tiles subjected to heat and cold will expand and contract noticeably and will eventually lead to cracks. You can easily avoid paying for repairs if this type of protective measure is set in place.

We proudly offer you our line of durable expansion joints online. You can choose from our list of high quality, tested products and can order them now. We will deliver it to you home fast so that you can immediately begin decorating and finishing your tiling project.