Sealants or caulk are important in tile setting. It help seal cracks and wall joints to prevent water seeping into it, which can damage the floor. One of the most used types of caulk is silicone and our site offers a great selection of silicone sealants online. You can choose from our list of high-quality and effective silicones for you tiling project.

Our sealant products are effective in various tiling projects and waterproofing floors and walls. Caulking material is also recommended in filling wall and floor expansion joints to better prevent tiles from getting damaged due to its expansion and contraction. Silicone sealants are mainly used because of its strong performance and high temperature resistance.

It also has good flexibility and a long service life, which means you won’t have to re-caulk your tiles often. Perfect for bathrooms, showers and kitchens, our MAXISIL sealants will provide satisfactory results every time.

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