Tile spacers are basically small bits of plastic used to fill spaces between tiles ensure proper alignment. Our site offers a list of spacers of different bag sizes for any tile setting project. We also have tile spacer buckets of more than 10,000 pieces perfect for large tiling projects. We also offer tile wedges, packers and lugs for various wall and floor joints. Spacers are important when tiling, especially if aesthetic result is required. Spacers help tile floors to have a professional look.

Spacers ensure the straight alignment of tiles. It eliminates the need to guess the right tile placement because using it will automatically straighten its alignment and speeds up the process. Spacers also ensure that tiles have adequate space between each other to give room for expansion and contraction due to temperature and stress. Tightly packed tiles can easily be damaged when subjected to pressure. Aside from tile alignment, spacers help tile setters ensure the uniformity of tile designs. Spacers ensure that tiles are properly spaced and distributed over the floor area.

Lastly, spacers help in the designing process of your floors. Spacers are used to easily determine the space needed between tiles for various tiling designs. Our site offers customers the chance to shop online for these tiling tools and accessories making it extremely convenient. You can easily order our products online and have it shipped to your homes through our fast home delivery services. Tilingtoolsdelivered.com is your one-stop shop for your tiling needs.